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GLY 4200C Name 14 points December 2, 2010 8 students took exam Numbers to the left of the questions (in red ) are the points missed. LAB FINAL EXAMINATION Closed Notes True-False - Print the letter T or F in the blank to indicate if each of the following statements is true or false. Illegible answers are wrong. (1 point each) 0 T 1. In parallel extinction, J = 0°. 0 F 2. Twinning can be observed only under plane polarized light. 1 T 3. 3° red is higher than 3° blue. 1 T 4. Albite twins may appear wedge-shaped (thicker at one end) if the twinning results from deformation. 6 F 5. Carlsbad twinning is a type of polysynthetic contact twinning. 0 F 6. Interference colors are seen only in plane polarized. 0 T 7. Minerals with a very high, or extremely high relief always have the index of refraction greater than the mounting medium. 1 T 8. Inclined extinction is possible only in biaxial crystals. 2 T 9. Along an "optic axis" in an anisotropic substance light will behave isotropically and a grain will remain in extinction between crossed nicols.
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Unformatted text preview: Fill-Ins - Write in the word or words which best completes each statement or answers each question. (1 point per blank) 10. A student measures the following extinction angles: 12°, 25°, 23°, 17°, 16°, and 21°. What value should be reported? 25° 12 11-12 Describe how you check the microscope to be sure the polarizer's privileged directions are crossed. WITH NOTHING ON THE STAGE, INSERT THE ANALYSER AND ROTATE THE POLARIZER UNTIL THE MAXIMUM DEGREE OF BLACKNESS IS OBTAINED. 5.5 13-14 Describe the oblique illumination method of determining the relationship between n grain and n oil . AN ACCESSORY PLATE IS INSERTED UNTIL IT CASTS A SHADOW ACROSS THE GRAIN. THE GRAIN IS EXAMINED IN PP LIGHT TO SEE IF THE EDGE TOWARD OR AWAY FROM THE SHADOW LIGHTS UP. When finished, check your answers (did you answer every question?), then exchange this sheet for the open notes portion of the exam,...
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4200LFCTK_F10 - Fill-Ins - Write in the word or words which...

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