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GLY 4200C Name 30 points November 2, 2010 LAB QUIZ 3 You may use the printed handouts from labs 7, 8 and 9, and the sheets you turned in as well. You may perform standard tests including hardness, specific gravity, acid, UV, and magnetism, and may note other properties as appropriate. NO OTHER RESOURCES MAY BE USED ON THIS QUIZ. 1 point per question or identification. Each of the following minerals should be relatively easy to recognize. They have at least one distinctive property, although these properties are not necessarily obvious. List the mineral name (including variety, if any) and one (do not list more than one)
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Unformatted text preview: distinctive property. Mineral Name Property 1. Fluorite Good octahedral cleavage 2. Malachite Green streak 3. Dolomite Rhombohedral 4. Vanadinite Hexagonal prismatic crystals 5. Tyuyamunite Radioactive 6. Calcite, v. tufa Jagged, fast acid rxn 7. Wavelite Radiating habit 8. Sylvite Good cubic cl, bitter 9. Halite Good cubic cl 10. Calcite, v Iceland spar Rhombohedral Identify the following hand specimens. (Name and variety, if any) (1 point each) 11. Celestite 12. Kernite 13. Ankerite 14. Pyromorphite 15. Cryolite 16. Wulfenite 17. Rhodocrosite 18. Gypsum, massive 19. Variscite 20. Strontianite...
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4200LQ3K_F10_T - distinctive property. Mineral Name...

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