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Whether you're using OWLor WebAssign, you've got online tools designed to meet your learning style (see your professor to find out if either program is available with your textbook). Tolearn more go to or ~ Improve your problem solving skills with online homework ~ Get help where you need it with tutorials ~ Read the book online with an interactive e-Book, which includes note taking and highlighting features ~ See chemical interactions and demonstrations with Visualizations and Simulations ~ Watch GoChemistry mini video lectures playable on iPods, iPhones, and MP3 players ~ Reinforce concepts from class with a video lesson from Thinkwell When you start your car, do you think about chemistry? Probably oot, bot you should, The power to start your car is furnished by a lead storage battery. How does this battery work, and what does it contain? When a battery goes dead, what does that mean? If you use a friend's car to 'jump start" your car, did you know that your battery could explode? How can
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