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Unformatted text preview: 4 Chapter One Chemical Foundations Figure 1 . 2 Sand on a beach looks uniform from a distance, but up close the irregular sand grains are visible, and each grain is composed of tiny atoms. . ~ ;~ ~ ~~, !'~~ "'~ ~ ~ 4 'Q A'~~ " 4'" '\), " '\,~~j rj ~. ~ , " 4 If " ~ \'. ~,. ~ 0 " " - ~ . ~ /'"- . J Si~" example, when you view a beach from a distance, it looks like a continuous solid sub- stance. As you get closer, you see that the beach is really made up of individual grains of sand. As we examine these grains of sand, we find they are composed of silicon and oxy- gen atoms connected to each other to form intricate shapes (see Fig. 1.2). One of the main challenges of chemistry is to understand the connection between the macroscopic world that we experience and the microscopic world of atoms and molecules. To truly under- stand chemistry, you must learn to think on the atomic level. We will spend much time in this text helping you learn to do that....
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