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Unformatted text preview: 1 .2 The Scientific Method 5 why the battery in your car can explode if you jump start it improperly. When you hook up the jumper cables, current flows through the dead battery, which contains water (and other things), and causes hydrogen and oxygen to form by decomposition of some of the water. A spark can cause this accumulated hydrogen and oxygen to explode, forming water again. spark. This example illustrates two of the fundamental concepts of chemistry: (1) matter is com- posed of various types of atoms, and (2) one substance changes to another by reorganiz- ing the way the atoms are attached to each other. These are core ideas of chemistry, and we will have much more to say about them. Science: A Process for Understanding Nature and Its Changes How do you tackle the problems that confront you in real life? Think about your trip to school. If you live in a city, traffic is undoubtedly a problem you confront daily. How do you decide the best way to drive to school? If you are new in town, you first get a map and look at thethe best way to drive to school?...
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