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Unformatted text preview: ~~ential notation is reviewed in dix 1.1. EXAMPLE 1.3 1..5 Significant Figures and CaLcuLations 15 Note that the number 1.00 X 10 2 above is written in exponential notation. This type of notation has at least two advantages: the number of significant figures can be easily indicated, and fewer zeros are needed to write a very large or very small number. For example, the number 0.000060 is much more conveniently represented as 6.0 X 10- 5 . (The number has two significant figures.) Give the number of significant figures for each of the following results. a. A student's extraction procedure on tea yields 0.0105 g of caffeine. b. A chemist records a mass of 0.050080 g in an analysis. c. In an experiment a span of time is determined to be 8.050 X 10- 3 s. Solution a. The number contains three significant figures. The zeros to the left of the 1 are lead- ing zeros and are not significant, but the remaining zero (a captive zero) is significant....
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