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16 Chapter One Chemical Foundations Note that for multiplication and division, significant figures are counted. For addition and subtraction, the decimal places are counted. In most calculations you will need to round numbers to obtain the correct number of significant figures. The following rules should be applied when rounding. Rules for Rounding Rule 2 is consistent with the operation of electronic calculators. 1. In a series of calculations, carry the extra digits through to the final result, then round. 2. If the digit to be removed a. is less than 5, the preceding digit stays the same. For example, 1.33 rounds to 1.3. b. is equal to or greater than 5, the preceding digit is increased by 1. For example, 1.36 rounds to 1.4. Although rounding is generally straightforward, one point requires special emphasis. As an illustration, suppose that the number 4.348 needs to be rounded to two significant figures. In doing this, we look only at the first number to the right of the 3: 4.348 i Look at this number
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