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1.7 Temperature 21 XAM P L E 1.10 The latest model Corvette has an engine with a displacement of 6.20 L. What is the dis- placement in units of cubic inches? Solution 1 ft 3 (12 in)3 6.20 L X X = 378 in 3 28.32 L (1 ft? Note that the unit factor for conversion of feet to inches must be cubed to accommodate the conversion of ft 3 to irr'. SEE EXERCISE 1.52 1. 7 ~ Temperature Three systems for measuring temperature are widely used: the Celsius scale, the Kelvin scale, and the Fahrenheit scale. The first two temperature systems are used in the physical sciences, and the third is used in many of the engineering sciences. Our purpose here is to define the three temperature scales and show how conversions from one scale to an- other can be performed. Although these conversions can be carried out routinely on most calculators, we will consider the process
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Unformatted text preview: in some detail here to illustrate methods of problem solving. The three temperature scales are defined and compared in Fig. 1.9. Note that the size of the temperature unit (the degree) is the same for the Kelvin and Celsius scales. The fundamental difference between these two temperature scales is in their zero points. Conversion between these two scales simply requires an adjustment for the different zero points.- = -- -273.15 Temperature (Kelvin) = temperature (Celsius) + 273.15 Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Boiling (6) (6) «J point of water f-ri 212°F 7 h-llOO°C 7 f-ri 373.l5K 180 I 100 Fahrenheit Celsius 100 ~~~:ter-ill ,,·F l~ O.C l~ 27315 K-40°C I, 233.15 K l , 1·9 major temperature scales....
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