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22 Chapter One Chemical Foundations or Tc = TK - 273.15 Temperature (Celsius) = temperature (Kelvin) - 273.15 For example, to convert 300.00 K to the Celsius scale, we do the following calculation: 300.00 - 273.15 = 26.8S o C Note that in expressing temperature in Celsius units, the designation °C is used. The degree symbol is not used when writing temperature in terms of the Kelvin scale. The unit of temperature on this scale is called a kelvin and is symbolized by the letter K. Converting between the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales is somewhat more complicated because both the degree sizes and the zero points are different. Thus we need to consider two adjustments: one for degree size and one for the zero point. First, we must account for the difference in degree size. This can be done by reconsidering Fig. 1.9. Notice that since 212°F = 100°C and 32°F = ooe, 212 - 32 == 180 Fahrenheit degrees == 100 - 0 == 100 Celsius degrees Thus 180° on the Fahrenheit scale is equivalent
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