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1.10 body temperature on the Fahren- -.=!7". Celsius, and Kelvin scales. ician taking the temperature of a ,~ XAMPLE 1.12 - 1.7 Temperature 23 Fahrenheit ta ~ o Kelvin (Ql 98.6°F n-; -, ?OC ?K Celsius 273.15 K 66.6°F x ~:~ = 37.0°C 66.6°F 37.0 + 273.15K = 310.2K 32°F---- O°C -------- Solution Rather than simply using the formulas to solve this problem, we will proceed by think- ing it through. The situation is diagramed in Fig. 1.10. First, we want to convert 98.6°F to the Celsius scale. The number of Fahrenheit degrees between 32.0°F and 98.6°F is 66.6°F. We must convert this difference to Celsius degrees: 5°C 66.6°F X - = 37.0°C 9°F Thus 98.6°F corresponds to 37.0°C. Now we can convert to the Kelvin scale:
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