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Unformatted text preview: "e refers to the ease with ce can be changed to its-"--"'= cl....l..I=ory distillation apparatus. '-...3' ::i1::ulates through the outer ::f'= s condenser, causing vapors-::::::::::::::::::0 ~ flask to condense into volatile component of ins in the distilling flask. 1.9 Classification of Matter 27 Mixtures can be separated into pure substances by physical methods. A pure sub- stance is one with constant composition. Water is a good illustration of these ideas. As we will discuss in detail later, pure water is composed solely of H 2 molecules, but the water found in nature (groundwater or the water in a lake or ocean) is really a mixture. Seawater, for example, contains large amounts of dissolved minerals. Boiling seawater produces steam, which can be condensed to pure water, leaving the minerals behind as solids. The dissolved minerals in seawater also can be separated out by freezing the mix- ture, since pure water freezes out. The processes of boiling and freezing are physical changes:...
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