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Scan_Doc0035 - significant figures • Calculations using...

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For Review 29 Matter Variable composition? Yes No Mixtures Yes No Heterogeneous Homogeneous e 1.14 --., organization of matter. ey Terms 'on l..2 c method =rrement b-vvh •• sis Scientific method Make observations Formulate hypotheses Perform experiments Models (theories) are explanations of why nature. behaves in a particular way. They are subject to modification over time and sometimes fail. Quantitative observations are called measurements. Consist of a number and a unit Involve some uncertainty Uncertainty is indicated by using significant figures • Rules to determine
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Unformatted text preview: significant figures • Calculations using significant figures • Preferred system is SI Temperature conversions • TK = Tc + 273 law of conservation of mass 'on l..3 an 'on l..4 ::::::r::na.inty ~tfigures ( SOC) • Tc = (TF -32°F) 90F ( 90F) • TF = Tc SOC + 32°F Density error--.:?r.l!ITic error 'on l..5 ~tial notation ion l..6 m;::;: ~or method ional analysis 'on l..8 mass • Density = volume 'on l..9 Matter can exist in three states: • Solid • Liquid • Gas of matter) geneous mixture...
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