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b. d. _o\! ording to the Official Rules of Baseball, a baseball must have circumference not more than 9.25 in or less than 9.00 in and mass not more than 5.25 oz or less than 5.00 oz. What range o densities can a baseball be expected to have? Express this range as a single number with an accompanying uncertainty funit. The density of an irregularly shaped object was determined as ~ !lows. The mass of the object was found to be 28.90 g ::'.::0.03 g. A graduated cylinder was partially filled with water. The read- ing of the level of the water was 6.4 em:' ::'.::0.1 em", The object dropped in the cylinder, and the level of the water rose to 9_ cm 3 ::'.:: 0.1 em", What is the density of the object with ap- ~priate error limits? (See Appendix 1.5.) The chemist in Example 1.14 did some further experiments. She foond that the pipet used to measure the volume of the cleaner - accurate to ::'.::0.03crrr'. The mass measurement is accurate to =0.002 g. Are these measurements sufficiently precise for the chemist to distinguish between isopropyl alcohol and ethanol? allenge Problems
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