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3.1.1. The Concept of Limiting Reagent 109 Consider the following container of N 2 (g) and H 2 (g): What will this container look like if the reaction between N2 and H2 proceeds to comple- . tion? To answer this question, you need to remember that each N2 requires 3 H2 mole- cules to form 2 NH 3 . To make things clear, we will circle groups of reactants: Before the reaction After the reaction In this case, the mixture of N2 and H2 contained just the number of molecules needed to form NH3 with nothing left over. That is, the ratio of the number
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Unformatted text preview: of H2 molecules to N2 molecules was 15H 2 3H 2 5N 2 IN2 This ratio exactly matches the numbers in the balanced equation This type of mixture is called a stoichiometric mixture-one that contains the rel-ative amounts of reactants that match the numbers in the balanced equation. In this case all reactants will be consumed to form products. Now consider another container of N 2 (g) and HzCg): r ;...
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