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116 Chapter Three Stoichiometry Section 3.4 molar mass Section 3.5 conceptual problem solving Section 3.6 mass percent Section 3.7 empirical formula molecular formula Section 3.8 chemical equation reactants products balancing a chemical equation Section 3.10 mole ratio Section 3.11 stoichiometric mixture limiting reactant (reagent) theoretical yield percent yield Molar mass Mass (g) of one mole of a compound or element Obtained for a compound by finding the sum of the average masses of its constituent atoms Percent composition The mass percent of each element in a compound mass of element in 1 mole of substance Mass percent = X 100 % mass of 1 mole of substance Empirical formula The simplest whole-number ratio of the various types of atoms in a compound Can be obtained from the mass percent of elements in a compound Molecular formula For molecular substances: • The formula of the constituent molecules • Always an integer multiple of the empirical formula
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