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118 Chapter Three Stoichiometry note that the recipe calls for 2 cups of butter and 3 eggs (plus the other ingredients) to make 6 dozen cookies. You call a friend and have him bring you some eggs. a. What number of eggs do you need? b. If you use all the butter (and get enough eggs), what number of cookies will you make? Unfortunately, your friend hangs up before you tell him how many eggs you need. When he arrives, he has a surprise for you- to save time, he has broken them all in a bowl for you. You ask him how many he brought, and he replies, "I can't remember." You weigh the eggs and find that they weigh 62.1 g. Assuming that an average egg weighs 34.21 g, a. What quantity of butter is needed to react with all the eggs? b. What number of cookies can you make? c. Which will you have left over, eggs or butter? d. What quantity is left over? 4. Nitrogen (N2) and hydrogen (H 2 ) react to form ammonia (NH3)' Consider the mixture of N, ( ) and Hz (W) in a closed container as illustrated below: w w Assuming the reaction goes to completion, draw a representation of the product mixture. Explain how you arrived at this representation.
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