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62. What amount (moles) is represented by each of these samples? a. 20.0 mg caffeine, CgHlON402 b. 2.72 X J021 molecules of ethanol, C 2 H s OH c. 1.50 g of dry ice, CO 2 63. What number of atoms of nitrogen are present in 5.00 g of each of the following? a. glycine, CzHsOzN b. magnesium nitride c. calcium nitrate d. dinitrogen tetroxide 64. Complete the following table. Moles of Sample Molecules in Sample Total Atoms in Sample Mass of Sample 0.224 mol H 2 0 2.71 X 10 22 molecules CO 2 3.35 X 10 22 total atoms in CHPH sample 65. Chloral hydrate (C 2 H 3 CJP2) is a drug formerly used as a seda- tive and hypnotic. It is the compound used to make "Mickey Finns" in detective stories. a. Calculate the molar mass of chloral hydrate. b. What amount (moles) of C 2 H 3 CIP2 molecules are in 500.0 g chloral hydrate? c. What is the mass in grams of 2.0 X JO- 2 mol chloral hydrate? d. What number of chlorine atoms are in 5.0 g chloral hydrate? e.
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