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excess oxygen, 1.21 g of water is formed. Determine the for- mula of the compound. Assume water is the only product that contains hydrogen. 158. A 2.25-g sample of scandium metal is reacted with excess hy- drochloric acid to produce 0.1502 g hydrogen gas. What is the formula of the scandium chloride produced in the reaction? 159. In the production of printed circuit boards for the electronics in- dustry, a 0.60-mm layer of copper is laminated onto an insulat- ing plastic board. Next, a circuit pattern made of a chemically resistant polymer is printed on the board. The unwanted copper is removed by chemical etching, and the protective polymer is finally removed by solvents. One etching reaction is A plant needs to manufacture 10,000 printed circuit boards, each 8.0 X 16.0 ern in area. An average of 80.% of the copper is re- moved from each board (density of copper = 8.96 g/cnr'). What masses of Cu(NH3)4Clz and NH3 are needed to do this? Assume 100% yield. 160. The aspirin substitute, acetaminophen (C S H 9 0 z N), is produced by the following three-step synthesis: 1. C6Hs03N(S) + 3H z (g) + HCl(aq) ~ C 6 H s ONCl(s) + 2H z O(l) II. C 6 H s ONCl(s) + NaOH(aq) ~ C6H70N(S) + HzO(l) + NaCl(aq) III. C 6 H 7 0N(s)·+ C 4 H 6 0 3 (1) ~ CSH90ZN(S) + HCzHpz(l) The first two reactions have percent yields of 87% and 98% by
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