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To show the correct number of significant figures in each calculation, we round af- ter each step. In your calculations, always carry extra significant figures through to the end; then round. holes can be used for sorting and .. ing objects like mail. 3.5 Learning to Solve Problems 87 To determine the number of carbon atoms present, we must multiply the number of mol- ecules by 7, since each molecule of isopentyl acetate contains seven carbon atoms: 7 carbon atoms 5 X 10 15 IllQleeuteS X = 4 X 10 16 carbon atoms mGleente Note: In keeping with our practice of always showing the correct number of significant figures, we have rounded after each step. However, if extra digits are canied throughout this problem, the final answer rounds to 3 X 10 16 . SEE EXERCISES 3.55 THROUGH 3.60 3.5 ~ Learning to Solve Problems One of the great rewards of studying chemistry is to become a good problem solver. Be- ing able to solve complex problems is a talent that will serve you well in all walks of life. It is our purpose in this text to help you learn to solve problems
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