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88 Chapter Three Stoichiometry suppose you know how to get from your house to the store (and back) and from your house to the library (and back). Can you get from the library to the store without having to go back home? Probably not if you have only memorized directions and you do not have a "big picture" of where your house, the store, and the library are relative to one another. The second approach is conceptual problem solving, in which we help you get the "big picture"-a real understanding of the situation. This approach to problem solving looks within the problem for a solution. In this method we assume that the problem is a new one, and we let the problem guide us as we solve it. In this approach we ask a se- ries of questions as we proceed and use our knowledge of fundamental principles to an- swer these questions. Learning this approach requires some patience, but the reward for learning to solve problems this way is that we become an effective solver of any new problem that confronts
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