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Unformatted text preview: =rn.mre of P 4 0 1 0 ' Note that some :::.tygefl atoms act as "bridges" phosphorus atoms. This as a great affinity for water used as a desiccant, or 3.7 Determining the Formula of a Compound 95 What information do we need to find the empirical formula? ./ Mass of each element in 100.00 g of compound ./ Moles of each element How do we get there? What is the mass of each element in 100.00 g of compound? P 43.64 g 56.36 g ° What are the moles of each element in 100.00 g of compound? 1 molP 43.64 g-f' X 30.97 g-f' = l.409 mol P 1 mol ° 56.36 g-O X 16.00 g-O = 3.523 mol ° What is the empirical formula for the compound? Dividing each mole value by the smaller one gives 1.409 3.523 l.409 = I P and l.409 = 2.5 ° This yields the formula P0 2 . S ' Since compounds must contain whole numbers of atoms, the empirical formula should contain only whole numbers. To obtain the sim- plest set of whole numbers, we multiply both numbers by 2 to give the empirical formula P 2 S ' What is the molecular formula...
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