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M atter exist in th,ce distinct physical states: gas, liquid, and solid. Although rela- tively few substances exist in the gaseous state under typical conditions, gases are very important. For example, we live immersed in a gaseous solution. The earth's atmosphere is a mixture of gases that consists mainly of- elemental nitrogen (N 2 ) and oxygen (0 2 ), The atmosphere both supports life and acts as a waste receptacle for the exhaust gases that accompany many industrial processes. The chemical reactions of these waste gases in the atmosphere lead to various types of pollution, including smog and acid rain. The gases in the atmosphere also shield us from harmful radiation from the sun and keep the earth warm by reflecting heat radiation back toward the earth. In fact, there is now great concern that an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, a product of the combustion of fossil fuels, is causing a dangerous warming of the earth. In this chapter
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