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190 Chapter Five Gases The ideal gas law applies best at pres- sures smaller than 1 atm. The ideal gas law is an equation of state for a gas, where the state of the gas is its condition at a given time. A particular state of a gas is described by its pressure, volume, temperature, and number of moles. Knowledge of any three of these properties is enough to completely define the state of a gas, since the fourth property can then be determined from the equation for the ideal gas law. It is important to recognize that the ideal gas law is an empirical equation-it is based on experimental measurements of the properties of gases. A gas that obeys this equation is said to behave ideally. The ideal gas equation is best regarded as a limiting law-it ex- presses behavior that real gases approach at low pressures and high temperatures. There- fore, an ideal gas is a hypothetical substance. However, most gases obey the ideal gas equation closely enough at pressures below 1 atm that only minimal errors
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