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196 Chapter Five Gases Remember that the molar volume of an ideal gas is 22.42 L when measured at STP. Solution Where are we going? To use stoichiometry to determine the volume of CO 2 produced What do we know? ./ CaC0 3 (s) ------* CaO(s) + CO 2 (g) What information do we need? ./ Molar volume of a gas at STP is 22.42 L How do we get there? We need to use the strategy for solving stoichiometry problems that we learned - Chapter 3. ~ 1 ~ What is the balanced equation? CaC0 3 (s) ------* CaO(s) + CO 2 (g) 2 ~ What are the moles of CaC0 3 (100.9 g/mol)? 1 mol CaC0 3 152 g. .Ga€(J3 X = 1.52 mol CaC0 3 100.09 g. .Ga€(J3 3 ~ What is the mole ratio between CO 2 and CaC0 3 in the balanced equation? 1 mol CO 2 1 mol CaC0 3 4 ~ What are the moles of CO 2 ? 1.52 mol CO 2 , which is the same as the moles of CaC0 3 because the mole ratio is 1. 5 ~ What is the volume of CO 2 produced? We can compute this by using the molar volume since the sample is at STP: 22.42 L CO 2 1.52~
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Unformatted text preview: X = 34.1 LC0 2 1~ Thus the decomposition of 152 g CaC0 3 produces 34.1 L CO 2 at STP. SEE EXERCISES 5.65 THROUGH 5.68 Note that in Example 5.12 the final step involved calculation of the volume of gas from the number of moles. Since the conditions were specified as STP, we were able to use the molar volume of a gas at STP. If the conditions of a problem are different from STP, the ideal gas law must be used to compute the volume. EXAMPLE 5.13-=-A sample of methane gas having a volume of 2.80 L at 25C and 1.65 atm was mixed with a sample of oxygen gas having a volume of 35.0 L at 31C and 1.25 atm. The mix-ture was then ignited to form carbon dioxide and water. Calculate the volume of CO 2 formed at a pressure of 2.50 atm and a temperature of 125C....
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