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200 Chapter Five Gases (1.0 atm)( 46 1;) This important observation indicates some fundamental characteristics of an ideal gas. The fact that the pressure exerted by an ideal gas is not affected by the identity (compo- sition) of the gas particles reveals two things about ideal gases: (1) the volume of the in- dividual gas particle must not be important, and (2) the forces among the particles must not be important. If these factors were important, the pressure exerted by the gas would depend on the nature of the individual particles. These observations will strongly influ- ence the model that we will eventually construct to explain ideal gas behavior. EXAMPLE 5.15-1111!1!!1 Mixtures of helium and oxygen can be used in scuba diving tanks to help prevent "the bends." For a particular dive, 46 L He at 25°C and 1.0 atm and 12 L O 2 at 25°C and 1.0 atm
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Unformatted text preview: were pumped into a tank with a volume of 5.0 L. Calculate the partial pressure of each gas and the total pressure in the tank at 25C. Solution Where are we going? To determine the partial pressure of each gas To determine the total pressure in the tank at 25C What do we know? He O 2 Tank p 1.00 atm 1.00 atm ? atm V 46 L 12 L 5.0 L I T 25C + 273 = 298 K 25C + 273 = 298 K 25C + 273 = 298 K What information do we need? ,/ Ideal gas law PV = nRT ,/ R = 0.08206 L . atmlK . mol How do we get there? How many moles are present for each gas? PV n = RT nRT P=-V (1.9 mcl:)(0.08206 1; . atrn/K . mcl:)(298 K) PH = = 9.3 atm e 5.01; (0.49 mcl:)(0.08206 1; . atm/K . mcl:)(298 K) Po = = 2.4 atm 2 5.01;...
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