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What is the total pressure of the mixture of gases in the tank? The total pressure is the sum of the partial pressures: PTOTAL = P He + Po, = 9.3 atm + 2.4 atm = 11.7 atm At this point we need to define the mole fraction: the ratio of the number of moles of a given component in a mixture to the total number of moles in the mixture. The Greek lowercase letter chi (X) is used to symbolize the mole fraction. For example, for a given component in a mixture, the mole fraction Xl is Separating Gases Assume you work for an oil company that owns a huge natural gas reservoir containing a mixture of methane and nitrogen gases. In fact, the gas mixture contains so much nitrogen that it is unusable as a fuel. Your job is to separate the nitrogen (N 2 ) from the methane (CH 4 ). How might you accomplish this task? You clearly need some sort of "molecular filter" that will stop the slightly larger methane molecules (size = 430 pm) and allow the nitrogen molecules (size = 410 pm) to pass through. To
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