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208 Chapter Five Gases ::::2 Temperature is increased Figure 5.1.7 The effects of increasing the temperature of a sample of gas at constant pressure. This can be visualized from the KMT, as shown in Fig. 5.17. When the gas is heated to a higher temperature, the speeds of its molecules increase and thus they hit the walls more often and with more force. The only way to keep the pressure constant in this situation is to increase the volume of the container. This compensates for the increased particle speeds. Volume and Number of Moles (Avogadro's Law) The ideal gas law predicts that the volume of a gas at a constant temperature and pre,- sure depends directly on the number of gas particles present: V= (~)n ~ l' Constant This makes sense in terms of the KMT because an increase in the number of gas parti- cles at the same temperature would cause the pressure to increase if the volume were held constant (see Fig. 5.18). The only way to return the pressure to its original value is to in- crease the volume.
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Unformatted text preview: It is important to recognize that the volume of a gas (at constant P and T) depends only on the number of gas particles present. The individual volumes of the particles are not a factor because the particle volumes are so small compared with the distances be-tween the particles (for a gas behaving ideally). Mixture of Gases (Dalton's Law) The observation that the total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases is the sum of the pressures of the individual gases is expected because the KMT assumes that all gas par-ticles are independent of each other and that the volumes of the individual particles are unimportant. Thus the identities of the gas particles do not matter. L ::2 Increase volume to return to original pressure • Moles of gas increases • Figure 5.1.8 The effects of increasing the number of moles of gas particles at constant temperature and pressure . Gas cylinder...
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