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210 Chapter Five Gases with the result from the kinetic molecular theory, PV - ex: T From theory n These expressions have exactly the same form if R, the universal gas constant, is consid- ered the proportionality constant in the second case. The agreement between the ideal gas law and the predictions of the kinetic molecular the- ory gives us confidence in the validity of the model. The characteristics we have assumed for ideal gas particles must agree, at least under certain conditions, with their actual behavior, The Meaning of Temperature We have seen from the kinetic molecular theory that the Kelvin temperature indicates the average kinetic energy of the gas particles. The exact relationship between temperature and average kinetic energy can be obtained by combining the equations: 2 PV - RT = -(KE)avg -- 3 n 3 (KE)avg = "2RT which yields the expression Root Mean Square Velocity This is a very important relationship. It summarizes the meaning of the Kelvin tempera- ture of a gas: The Kelvin temperature
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