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Unformatted text preview: Figure 5.29 The volume taken up by the gas particles themselves is less important at (a) large container volume (low pressure) than at (b) small container volume (high pressure). (a) 216 Chapter Five Gases We have now corrected for both the finite volume and the attractive forces of the particles. PObS is usually called just P. Table 5.3 Values of the van der Waals Constants for Some Common Gases Gas a(atm. L2) b(~O I) mof He 0.0341 0.0237 Ne 0.211 0.0171 Ar 1.35 0.0322 Kr 2.32 0.0398 Xe 4.19 0.0511 H2 0.244 0.0266 N2 1.39 0.0391 O 2 1.36 0.0318 Cl 2 6.49 0.0562 CO 2 3.59 0.0427 CH 4 2.25 0.0428 NH3 4.17 0.0371 H 2 O 5.46 0.0305 where a is a proportionality constant (which includes the factor of ~ from N 2 /2). The value of a for a given real gas can be determined from observing the actual behavior of that gas. Inserting the corrections for both the volume of the particles and the attractions of the particles gives the equation nRT (n)2 P-- a- obs- V - nb V / ! - <, '---v---'< , Observed...
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