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For Review 221 Unfortunately, there are many problems associated with scrubbing. The systems are complicated and expensive and consume a great deal of energy. The large quantities of calcium sulfite produced in the process present a disposal problem. With a typical scrub- ber, approximately 1 ton of calcium sulfite per year is produced per person served by the power plant. Since no use has yet been found for this calcium sulfite, it is usually buried in a landfill. As a result of these difficulties, air pollution by sulfur dioxide continues to be a major problem, one that is expensive in terms of damage to the environment and hu- man health as well as in monetary terms. , For Review , ~ Key Terms Section 5.l. barometer manometer mmHg torr standard atmosphere pascal Section 5.2 Boyle's law ideal gas Charles's law absolute zero Avogadro's law Section 5.3 universal gas constant ideal gas law Section 5.4 molar volume standard temperature and pressure (STP) Section 5.5 Dalton's law of partial pressures partial press ure
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