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Active Learning Questions 223 your reasoning. Under which temperature condition would the 02(g) sample behave most ideally? Explain. 8. Briefly describe two methods one might use to find the molar mass of a newly syn- thesized gas for which a molecular formula was not known. 9. In the van der Waals equation, why is a term added to the observed pressure and why is a term subtracted from the container volume to correct for nonideal gas be- havior? 10. Why do real gases not always behave ideally? Under what conditions does a real gas behave most ideally? Why? ~ Active Learning Questions These questions are designed to be used by groups of students in class. 1. Consider the following apparatus: a test tube covered with a non- permeable elastic membrane inside a container that is closed with a cork. A syringe goes through the cork. Syringe ~""5'r----lt- Membrane a. As you push down on the syringe, how does the membrane covering the test tube change? b.
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