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Unformatted text preview: 51. A 2.50-L container is filled with 175 g argon. a. If the pressure is 10.0 atm, what is the temperature? b. If the temperature is 225 K, what is the pressure? 52. A person accidentally swallows a drop of liquid oxygen, O 2 (1), which has a density of 1.149 g/mL. Assuming the drop has a volume of 0.050 ml., what volume of gas will be produced in the person's stomach at body temperature (37°C) and a pressure of 1.0 atm? 53. A gas sample containing 1.50 mol at 2SOC exerts a pressure of 400. torr. Some gas is added to the same container and the tem-perature is increased to 50. o C. If the pressure increases to 800. torr, how many moles of gas were added to the container? As-sume a constant-volume container. 54. A bicycle tire is filled with air to a pressure of 75. psi at a tem-perature of 19°C. Riding the bike on asphalt on a hot day in-creases the temperature of the tire to 58°C. The volume of the tire increases by 4.0%. What is the new pressure in the bicycle tire? 55. Consider two separate gas containers at the following conditions: Container A Container B Contents: S02(g) Pressure = P A Moles of gas = 1.0 mol Volume = 1.0 L Temperature = 7°C Contents: unknown gas Pressure = P B Moles of gas = 2.0 mol Volume = 2.0 L Temperature = 287°C How is the pressure ...
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