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References: Abroms, Loren C., and Edward W. Maibach. "The Effectiveness of Mass Communications to Change Public Behavior." Annual Review of Public Health 29 (2008). Central Search. U of A, Tucson. 29 Feb. 2008 < 07.090824>. This article is slightly different subject matter. It is dealing with how well mass media has formed or changed overall public opinion. The article also addresses changes in mass media over the years, with the development of the Internet, public health officials have had to invent new ways to reach all of the public. This article pertains to my research because of its subject matter. In order to assess the methods and effectiveness of any given advertisement it would help to have an article based solely upon just that. Biener, L. "Anti-Tobacco Advertisements by Massachusetts and Philip Morris: What Teenagers Think." Tobacco Control 11 (2002): 43-46. Academic Search Complete . EBSCO. U of A, Tucson. 28 Feb. 2008 This particular scholarly article is based on a study done by the state of Massachusetts in order to assess the effectiveness of Phillip Morris “truth” adds on teenagers within the state. The study took place in MA. It used 733 youths from ages 14- 18 and addressed whether or not the anti-tobacco advertisements they had seen in the past thirty days were effective. The results and conclusion of “Anti-Tobacco Advertisements by Massachusetts and Phillip Morris: What Teenagers Think” could make my thesis on anti-tobacco advertisement more balanced and well rounded because of the data presented. Also, there are results from advertisements funded by a major tobacco company. This could add an element to my argument that was previously missing.
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California Department of Health Services. Advertisement. Prevention Dec. 2007:23 This visual resource has haunted me for years. When I was younger I distinctly remember the commercials featuring this woman. They are in my opinion one of the most effective anti tobacco advertisements to date because I’ve yet to forget about the times I saw them on the television. Because this is such and effective advertisement, it seemed necessary to include in my resources. An idea for a thesis could be based on the effectiveness of different forms of anti-tobacco advertisement. This picture would benefit anyone who saw it because it takes such a great effect on people. This is a real life example and should bring
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Reference - References Abroms Loren C and Edward W...

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