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228 Chapter Five Gases What volume of 02(g) at 350. o C and a pressure of 5.25 atm is needed to completely convert 5.00 g sulfur to sulfur trioxide? 69. A 20.0-L nickel container was charged with 0.500 atm of xenon gas and 1.50 atm of fluorine gas at 400.°e. The xenon and fluorine react to form xenon tetrafluoride. What mass of xenon tetrafluoride can be produced assuming 100% yield? 70. An important process for the production of acrylonitrile (C3H3N) is given by the following reaction: 2C 3 H 6 (g) + 2NH 3 (g) + 30 2 (g) --? 2C3H3N(g) + 6H 2 0(g) A l50.-L reactor is charged to the following partial pressures at 25°C: P C3H , = 0.500 MPa P NH , = 0.800 MPa Po, = 1.500 MPa What mass of acrylonitrile can be produced from this mixture (MPa = 10 6 Pa)? 71. Consider the reaction between 50.0 mL liquid methanol, CHPH (density = 0.850 g/ml.), and 22.8 L O 2 at 27°C and a pressure of 2.00 atm. The products of the reaction are CO 2 (g) and HzO(g). Calculate the number of moles of H 2 0 formed if the reaction goes to completion. 72.
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