Scan_Doc0137 - Exercises 229 85 The partial pressure of CH4(g is 0.175 atm and that of 02(g is 0.250 atm in a mixture of the two gases a What is

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85. The partial pressure of CH 4 (g) is 0.175 atm and that of 02(g) is 0.250 atm in a mixture of the two gases. a. What is the mole fraction of each gas in the mixture? b. If the mixture occupies a volume of 10.5 L at 65 D C, calcu- late the total number of moles of gas in the mixture. c. Calculate the number of grams of each gas in the mixture. 86. A 1.00-L gas sample at 100.DCand 600. torr contains 50.0% he- lium and 50.0% xenon by mass. What are the partial pressures of the individual gases? 87. Small quantities of hydrogen gas can be prepared in the labora- tory by the addition of aqueous hydrochloric acid to metallic zinc. Zn(s) + 2HCI(aq) ----7 ZnCI 2 (aq) + HzCg) Typically, the hydrogen gas is bubbled through water for collec- tion and becomes saturated with water vapor. Suppose 240. mL of hydrogen gas is collected at 30. D C and has a total pressure of 1.032 atm by this process. What is the partial pressure of hydro- gen gas in the sample? How many grams of zinc must have re- acted to produce this quantity of hydrogen? (The vapor pressure of water is 32 torr at 30 D C.) 88. Helium is collected over water at 25 D C and 1.00 atm total pres- sure. What total volume of gas must be collected to obtain 0.586 g helium? (At 25 D C the vapor pressure of water is 23.8 torr.) 89. At elevated temperatures, sodium chlorate
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