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232 Chapter Five Gases 132. Nitric acid is produced commercially by the Ostwald process. In the first step ammonia is oxidized to nitric oxide: 4NH 3 (g) + 50ig) ---+ 4NO(g) + 6H 2 0(g) Assume this reaction is carried out in the apparatus diagramed below. 2.00 L NH3 0.500 atm 1.00 L O 2 1.50 atm The stopcock between the two reaction containers is opened, and the reaction proceeds using proper catalysts. Calculate the par- tial pressure of NO after the reaction is complete. Assume 100% yield for the reaction, assume the final container volume is 3.00 L, and assume the temperature is constant. 133. A compound contains only. C, H, and N. It is 58.51 % C and 7.37% H by mass. Helium effuses through a porous frit 3.20 times as fast as the compound does. Determine the empirical and molecular formulas of this compound. 134. One of the chemical controversies of the nineteenth century con- cerned the element beryllium (Be). Berzelius originally claimed that beryllium was a trivalent element (forming Be 3 + ions) and that it gave an oxide with the formula Be 2 0 3 . This resulted in a calculated atomic mass of 13.5 for beryllium.
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