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calculate the flow rate of air necessary to deliver the required amount of oxygen. b. Under the conditions in part a, combustion of methane was not complete as a mixture of CO 2 (g) and CO(g) was produced. It was determined that 95.0% of the carbon in the exhaust gas was present in CO 2 The remainder was present as carbon in CO. Calculate the composition of the exhaust gas in terms of mole fraction of CO, CO 2 , O 2 , N 2 , and H 2 0. Assume CH 4 is completely reacted and N2 is unreacted. 142. A steel cylinder contains 5.00 mol graphite (pure carbon) and 5.00 mol O 2 . The mixture is ignited and all the graphite reacts. Combustion produces a mixture of CO gas and CO 2 gas. After the cylinder has cooled to its original temperature, it is found that the pressure of the cylinder has increased by 17.0%. Calcu- late the mole fractions of CO, CO 2 , and O 2 in the final gaseous mixture. 143. The total mass that can be lifted by a balloon is given by the dif- ference between the mass of air displaced by the balloon and the mass of the gas inside the balloon. Consider a hot-air balloon that approximates a sphere 5.00 m in diameter and contains air heated to 65°C. The surrounding air temperature is 21°C. The pressure in the balloon is equal to the atmospheric pressure, which is 745 torr.
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