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234 Chapter Five Gases ~ Marathon Problem* This problem is designed to incorporate several concepts and tech- niques into one situation. 153. Use the following information toidentify element A and com- pound B,then answer questions aand b. Anempty glass container has amass of658.572 g.Ithas a mass of659.452 gafter ithas been filled with nitrogen gas ata pressure of790. torr and atemperature of 15°C.When thecon- tainer is evacuated and refilled with acertain element (A) at a pressure of745 torr and atemperature of26°C, ithas amass of 660.59 g. Compound B,agaseous organic compound thatconsists of 85.6% carbon and 14.4% hydrogen bymass, isplaced inastain- less steel vessel (10.68 L)with excess oxygen gas.The vessel is *Usedwithpermission fromthe Journal of Chemical Education, Vol.68, No. 11, 1991, pp. 919-922; copyright © 1991, Division of Chemical Education,Inc. placed in aconstant-temperature bath at22°C. The pressure in thevessel is11.98 atm.Inthebottom ofthevessel isacontainer thatispacked withAscarite andadesiccant. Ascarite isasbestos
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