Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive Psychology - Cognitive Psychology Thinking-...

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Unformatted text preview: Cognitive Psychology Thinking- Mental manipulation of internal representation of objects, activities, etc. Concepts- One type of mental representation category that we can group objects and situations into, Use concepts to make sense of the world around us. Ex: Cars. Sports car vs. SUV Schemas-Concepts for events, situations. Mental model of how things are working in the world. Ex: What happens in a restaurant. You form an expectation as to what will happen because of a schema. Clive Wearing- Viral Inselfitus- No past memories, cant make memories past 30 seconds in the past. Records everything in a diary daily. Every day waking up is like waking from an unconscious state. Classical model- Decide what the characteristics and concepts are, anything new if it matches it is now part of the concept. Must match exactly. Ex: Penguins are not birds based on what we think birds are. Prototype Model- Instead of using characteristics that match exactly we use less specific characteristics ....
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Cognitive Psychology - Cognitive Psychology Thinking-...

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