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Activity: Which Schedule Is It? For each of the scenarios below, determine which schedule is being used such as positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment. Explain why you chose your answer. 1. Libby gets $20 for every “A” she brings home on her report card. Schedule: Why? Postive reinforcement 2. For every “A” that Tim gets on his report card he does not have to do his chores for 2 days. Schedule: Why? Negative reinforcement 3. Every time the dog rolls over he gets a doggy treat. Schedule: Why? Positive reinforcement 4. Jim comes home way after curfew and his parents take his car keys away for a week. Schedule: Why? Negative reinforcment 5. Sally talks back to her mom and so she gets grounded for three weeks. Schedule: Why? 6. Bethany keeps her room nice and tidy and so when she needs something she is easily able to find it. Schedule:
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Unformatted text preview: Why? Negative reinforcement 7. Mrs. Smith’s students in her kindergarten class receive a gold star every time they say please when asking for something. Schedule: Positive reinforcement Why? 8. Jeremy’s ball runs out into the street and Jeremy runs out after it. There is a car coming and he almost gets hit by the car. His mother is very upset and spanks him on the bottom for running into the street. Schedule: Positive punishment Why? 9. Terri and her boyfriend get caught kissing on the front porch after she was told she was not allowed to kiss boys yet. Her father tells her she is not allowed to see her boyfriend anymore. Schedule: Negative reinforcement Why? 10. Sara is speeding in her car on the highway because she is late for her morning class. She gets pulled over by the police and gets a $75 fine. Schedule: positive punsihemnt Why?...
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