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intro to development - Intro to Development Eriksons theory...

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Intro to Development 10-27-10 Erikson’s theory of socioemotional development - Erik Erikson- Made theory of Socioemotional Development. -Theory emphasizes lifelong development. Eight psychosocial stages of development. -Each stage represents a developmental task - Psychosocial crisis that must be resolved. -Personal competence or weakness Four Stages, stage 1-4=Childhood 1. Trust Vs. Mistrust (0-1 years old)- Child learns to feel comfortable and trust parents care; or develops a deep distrust of the world that is perceived to be unsafe. Judge if they trust or do not trust the person taking care of them. 2. Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt (1-3 years old)- Learns sense of competence by learning to feed self, use toilet, play alone; or feels ashamed and doubts own abilities. Come out with either competence trusting yourself, or doubt your abilities. 3. Initiative vs. guilt (3-5 years old) – Gains ability to use own initiative in planning and carrying out plans; or cannot live within parents limits, develops a sense of guilt over misbehavior. Allow children to make mistakes. 4. Industry vs. Inferiority (5-11 years old) – Learns to meet the demands imposed by school and home responsibilities; or comes to believe that he or she is inferior to others. Compare themselves to peers. Adolescence 5. Psychosocial Development (11-18 years old)- Identity versus Identity Confusion -Piaget’s theory of cognitive development Four stages in Piaget's theory- Stages- Stage 1 Sensorimotor Stage- Birth-2 years old. Cooderinate sensations with movements, Lack of Object permanence-out of sight, out of mind. Don’t see it, it must not exist. Stage 2- Preoperational Stage- Age 2-7. Symbolic thinking, Egocentrism, Intuitive reasoning Stage 3- Concrete Operational Stage- 7-11 years. Operational thinking. Classification skills. Logical thinking in concrete contexts. Ex: Math skills developing Stage 1-3= Childhood -Some cognitive abilities emerge earlier than Piaget thought.
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Intro to Development 10-27-10 -Piaget placed too much emphasis on discrete stages and ignored individual differences. -Culture and environment also influence development
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intro to development - Intro to Development Eriksons theory...

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