Social Psychology 11-8

Social Psychology 11-8 - 11-17 Social PsychologyAsch’s...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-17 Social PsychologyAsch’s conformity experiment- Uses confederates- Person given to play a role in a study and be manipulative. Shown lines on cards. You pick last, will you pick what your eyes show you after 4 people got it wrong or say what everyone agreed on and conform to their ideas.Milgram obedience experiment- Fake shocking. Volts go up. You are supposed to shock him cause he is giving wrong answers but you don’t. Obedience- Behavior that complies with explicit demands of the individual in charge, such as shocking someone.Stanford prison experiment- Video in class.Altruism- An unselfish interest in helping someone else.________________________________________________________________________attitudes- Believe, feeling, or opinion about people, objects and ideas. Attitudes cause us to act and react certain ways if you can change an attitude, behavior change it likely to follow. 4 strategies to change attitude to change behavior.1.foot-in-the-door strategy – Present a weak point or a small request for something you want. Since its small it is likely people will go along with it. Once you get that you make a bigger request. Keep doing it to get more. Ex: Telemarketers2.door-in-the-face strategy- Make an outrageous demand, once they deny, you back off. Then ask for something less.3.low balling strategy- Settle and make a deal and once you have agreed to make the deal you have emotionally committed and want it, then the original deal changes. Ex: Car Salesman4.that’s-not-all strategy-Make a request and to get someone to go along with it, add incentives to make them go along with it....
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Social Psychology 11-8 - 11-17 Social PsychologyAsch’s...

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