First Notes After midterm 10-12 and 10-20

First Notes After midterm 10-12 and 10-20 - I-A century of...

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10-12 Notes Nationalism and the State-Building I-Industrialization II-From revolutionary to military transformation III-Militarization of nationalism Abraham Lincoln- Corlos Cavor/Guiseppi Garbibalole- Invaded Sicily Otton Von Bismark- Opposed nationalism Napolean III- Has power/troops in Rome Railroads-Increase of transportation/Communication. Could be used for military purposes during war. Substitution- Draft Lottery, could substitute for a poor person if you paid. Soon got rid of substitution. Germany army becomes prestige of power. Emperor has army control Universal Military Suffrage- Manhood Suffrage- germany Reserves/mobilization- Mobilization occurred because railroads could move troops faster Parro Command- Alsace-Lerraine 10-20 Progress and its Challenges
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Unformatted text preview: I-A century of progress II-Continuation of the scientific revolution III- Degeneration and Apocalypse C. Darwin- Evolution by natural selection, said god didn’t create humans. Natural selections- Don’t ask questions about an outside source S. Freud-F. Nietzache-K.Marx- Said conflict would occur between rich and poor F. Galton- Darwins cousin. Made Eugenics-Helped try to ensure the survival of the most fit people. Said the weak are inheriting earth. G. Eiffel Tower (1889)- Most enduring monument of progress. Represented battle, not republic. Showed global aspiration and wealth. Tasmania-Chamberlin- Wrote “foundations of the 19 th century” Divided Europe between east and west...
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First Notes After midterm 10-12 and 10-20 - I-A century of...

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