Second Notes after midterm- Week of Oct. 25,27

Second Notes after midterm- Week of Oct. 25,27 - 1912,...

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The Great War as a Great Divide I- Militarization and Mobilization II- Alliances and Internationalism III- The Triumph and Destruction of Civilization Trotha-Herers/ - Currently South Africa. 2 events occurred that told us about industrialized society. German general drives entire nation into desert. First act of planned destruction. Kitchener Boers- Also South Africa, revolt against British Army. Used guerilla tactics. Military mobilization- Maximize fighting force. It was believed that perfection of mobilization could instantly win the war. Theory was in short run killing everybody would save many in the long run. Built upon fact that whoever acts first will win. Schlieffen Plan- Know Britain and France are their enemies. Plan involves sending mass of German army into France. Speed is the essence. Germany is outnumbered but believed if they could strike fast enough they had 5-6 weeks to take over. Alliances (triple)- Civilian/ Military Relations- Social Democracy- Socialists party in Europe linked. Meet, plan, have international discussions. By
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Unformatted text preview: 1912, largest single party in Germany. Wants to make Germany a Democracy and get control of the military. Women’s Suffrage- Europe suffrage connected with American suffrage. Spreading around world Mans conquest of nature and natural disasters is what historians will write about in the 19 th century instead of conflict between man Universal literacy in one state after another, better drinking water and sewage systems. Prevent diseases. Increasing welfare entitlements, unemployment, social and cultural rights. Creation of public opinion. Germany wanted treaty with Russia to ensure that Germany could continuing importing Russian agricultural goods. Threatened them to accept. In Europe, domestic policy is creating conflict. In 1913, Germany is biggest power in Europe. Military and industry wise. Social democrats want British system in Germany. Crisis 1914- Someone shoots heir of Austria-Hungary throne....
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