Week of 11-29 - Lebenesraum Wanted to expand the space...

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Week of 11-29 and 12-1 World War II I-Total War II- Western Civilization Inverted A- Reinvention of Slavery B- Racial reorganization, starvation, removal, annihilation III- The West in Ruins Hiroshima- Auschiwitz- Plan East- Germanys plan. Involved 2 things. 1. Gathering of German minorities. Slowly replace them. Rapid elimination of 30-40 million people. 1. Eliminate fighting force and 2. Use others to reindustrialize
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Unformatted text preview: Lebenesraum- Wanted to expand the space occupied by Germany. Occupied with the idea of the expansion of the Aryan Race. -“First do no harm” doctors in Germany-Don’t think in terms of the individuals but rather the group race....
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