11-17 - 11-17 The Hip Hop Wars Hip Hop as ‘gravely ill’...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-17 The Hip Hop Wars Hip Hop as ‘gravely ill’ Major Factors : COMMERCIALISM, DISTORTED/SEXUAL FANTASY,OPPRESSION (Exploitation), ALIENATION Hip Hop Foundations Include: LOVE OF COMMUNITY, RESPECT, AFFIRMATION, RESISTANCE, (Empowerment) Rose argues that analysis of Hip Hop is ‘distorted’ by BOTH: CRITICS AND SUPPORTERS Rose further warns that we should not be short-sighted or trusting of the music industry as it pertains to: WEALTH, POWER, CAPITALISM (Added by Dr. E Are in Parenthesis) -Site the underground as a reason to not critique hip hop. The IS – Black Music (…despite diversity of fans, artists, etc.) Main Forces: New Technology and New Music Markets Massive Corporate Consolidation Expansion of Illicit Street Economies America’s Post-Civil Rights Appetite for Racially-Stereotyped Entertainment Violence and Sexuality Explicit Misogyny as ‘violent’ cultural product Key Questions -Why has black gangsta-pimp-ho trinity been the vehicle for Hip Hop’s greatest sales and highest market status? -Why did substyle based on hustling, crime, sexual domination, and drug dealing become rap’s cultural and economic calling card, and thus the key icon for the Hip Hop generation? -Public struggle over hip hop is over the male and female body HIP HOP CRITICS (chap 1-6) 1. Hip Hop causes violence 2. Hip Hop Reflects Black Dysfunctional Ghetto Culture 3. Hip Hop Huns Black People 4. Hip Hop is Destroying Americas Values 5. Hip Hop Demeans Women HIP HOP DEFENDERS (Chap 6-10) 6. Just Keeping it Real 7. Hip Hop is Not Responsible for Sexism 8. “There Are Bitches and Hoes” 9. We’re Not Role Models 10. Nobody Talks About Positive Hip hop ...
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11-17 - 11-17 The Hip Hop Wars Hip Hop as ‘gravely ill’...

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