11-29 and 11-31

11-29 and 11-31 - 11-29 and 11-311.Hip Hop Causes...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-29 and 11-311.Hip Hop Causes ViolenceKey Criticism: Hip hop glorifies, encourages and causes violence(based on unsubstantiated belief that listening to violent stories/music, etc. directly encourages violent behavior)CRITICAL too is theperception that violence in rap lyrics is affected by larger societal perceptions and stereotypes of African Americans.-The fact that [violence] is everywhere isnt the best rebuttal to the charge- Literal lyric analysis is inadequate and rarely applied to violence-oriented mediums produced by whitesPromoters emphasize:KEEPIN IT REAL telling the truth, wearing their own clothes, same people but richer.Powerful history of racial images of black men as naturally violent and criminal. Genetic basis & biological inferior.2007- Novel (biologist) Laureate, James WATSONblacks are not equal to whites1994- The Bell Curve Charles Murrayblacks genetically-predisposed toward POVERTY, CRIME, and UNWED MOTHERHOODHip hop is NOT pure fiction or fantasy!But neither is it unmediated reality / social advocacy for violence nor individual imaginationAcknowledges the realities of: DISCRIMINATION and SOCIAL POLICIESThat have created poor conditions in urban ghettos.ANDNOT Accept / Excuse behaviors connected with Social PathologiesCONTEXT*-High UNEMPLOYMENT-Dramatic Loss of Affordable Housing-Increase in drug trade-AK-47: Automatic Weapons and Drug Economy-Government/Police Response: Incarceration Over Rehabilitation...
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11-29 and 11-31 - 11-29 and 11-311.Hip Hop Causes...

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