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Week of 11-1 and 11-3

Week of 11-1 and 11-3 - Issues 10 and 11 and end of...

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Issues 10 and 11 and end of Glassner Issue 10- Is America dominated by big business? Yes argument, presented by G William Domhoff. Says corporate community and upper class have disproportionate influence over government No argument- Sheldon Kamiyekee Says business interests do not influence high rates and business policies. Says business interests don’t dominate society. Government structured in favor of wealthy and powerful. US Political system is built to be “change resistant” 3 Branches of government Checks and Balances Veto Power/Override- People who have this power have lifetime appointment. Congress has Staggerd Terms- Can only get rid of so many people on Congress at once, Can’t throw all of Congress out. Constitutional Amendment Process- complicated Electoral College 2 Senators per state James Madison “Auxiliary Precautions” Said we should be afraid of poorer people Reconstruction Era- After civil war- Public schools, more liberalized voting laws
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