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Intro outline F10 - Clinical - generalized anxiety disorder...

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PSY 0010: LECTURE OBJECTIVES AND OUTLINE – FALL 2010 LECTURE: Clinical Disorders Objectives : Terms and concepts to learn abnormal behavior biological approach and views phobic disorder psychological approach and perspectives different types of phobias sociocultural approach and related disorders obsessive compulsive disorder biopsychosocial model post-traumatic stress disorder causes of abnormal behavior mood disorders medical model major depressive disorder diathesis-stress model dysthymic disorder DSM-IV and axes bipolar disorder anxiety disorders causes of mood disorders
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Unformatted text preview: generalized anxiety disorder schizophrenia panic disorder symptoms of schizophrenia dissociative amnesia types of schizophrenia dissociative fugue causes of schizophrenia dissociative identity disorder dopamine hypothesis Outline I. Defining Abnormality A. Norm Violation B. Maladaptive C. Personal Distress II. Theoretical Approaches to Disorders A. Biological B. Psychological C. Sociocultural III. DSM-IV IV. Disorders A. Anxiety disorders B. Mood disorders C. Dissociative disorders D. Schizophrenia...
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