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PSY 0010: LECTURE OBJECTIVES AND OUTLINE – FALL 2010 LECTURE: What is Psychology Objectives : Terms and concepts to learn basic research applied research Wilhelm Wundt functionalism structuralism behavioral perspective introspection humanistic perspective Sigmund Freud biological perspective psychodynamic perspective cognitive perspective social/cultural perspective evolutionary perspective cognitive psychology social psychology clinical psychology developmental psychology counseling psychology industrial/organizational psychology learning forensic psychology positive psychology biopsychology and behavioral neuroscience
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Unformatted text preview: personality health psychology sport psychology school psychology Outline I. Defining Psychology A. Science B. Behavior C. Mental Processes II. Historical Perspectives A. Structuralism B. Functionalism C. Psychodynamic Perspective D. Behavioral Perspective E. Humanistic Perspective F. Biological Perspective G. Cognitive Perspective H. Social and Cultural Perspective III. Some Other Psychological Specialties A. Clinical Psychology B. Counseling Psychology C. Developmental Psychology D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology...
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